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Rogers & Jung attorneys are trusted partners by employers and employees nationwide for their focused legal excellence coupled with innovative and realistic solutions.

The firm’s personalized and white-glove approach empowers us to fully assess your matter and your goals based on your unique circumstances. We pride ourselves on handling cases with meticulous preparation, skillful litigation, and an unending commitment to pursue the best resolutions possible on behalf of our clients.


Our dedication to solutions-driven results and high-quality service is the foundation of our long-lasting client relationships. Our commitment to each client requires us to limit the number of cases Rogers & Jung will handle at any time and our clients appreciate this customer-centric approach.


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Our mission is to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, customized solutions that complement and resolve your unique situation, background, and objectives. Our firm’s core tenets of our work are driven by professionalism, patience, and a “client-first” philosophy.

Supporting Employees
Depend on us to fight for your rights in the workplace.
Supporting Employers
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