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At Rogers & Jung, we believe no one is above the law. In the age of the #MeToo movement, thousands have stood up to acknowledge their sexual harassment or assault. It’s an unfortunate reality that the majority of these cases happen in the workplace, even though sexual harassment law includes zero tolerance for sexual harassment on the job. Reach out to the team at Rogers & Jung for the support you need to stand up for your rights.

What Is Harassment?

Harassment includes requests for sexual relations, unwelcome sexual advances, or other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature. Generally, there are two types of sexual harassment:

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
Occurs when a supervisor attempts to make submission to sexual demands a condition of employment. For example, if an employee believes that they must engage in a sexual relationship or tolerate sexual advances to continue employment, achieve advancement, or avoid adverse employment consequences, including demotions or poor evaluations.
Hostile Work Environment Harassment
Occurs when an employee is subjected to abusive, sexual, or offensive conduct due to gender. For example, a work environment may be deemed unlawfully abusive or hostile if it is pervasive or severe enough to make a reasonable person of the employee’s gender believe that the conditions of employment have been altered.

Fighting for Justice

Employees who have been sexually harassed on the job may be able to bring a lawsuit against their employers. But what does true justice look like for an individual who has been sexually harassed at work? The answer is unique for each client. That’s why Rogers & Jung works with you to determine the ideal strategy for your case.